XMB-173 (Soren)


Name: XMB-173 (Soren)
Ethnic Group: Ra’iib
Personal Demeanor: Psycho
Specialty: Crimson Exemplar
Age: 43

Total XP: 6300
Starting XP: 800
Party XP: 0
Personal XP: 0
Spent: 5600
Remaining: 250
Armor: Crimson Armor
All AP = 6+4+3+(1) = 13(+1)

Wounds: 15/15
Fate Points: 1/1
Corruption Points: 12
Insanity Points: 43
Disorders: None
Malignancies: None
Movement: 3/6/9/18
Initiative Bonus: 5
Strength Bonus: 5
Toughness Bonus: 4
Carrying Capacity (6):Carry 36kg, Lift 72kg, Push 144kg


WS 51 (ooo)
BS 37
S 43 (oo)
T 42 (o)
Ag 35
Int 50 (o)
Per 38
WP 37
Fel 23


Ballistic Skill
Weapon Skill


Linguistics (Low Gothic, Techna-Lingua, High Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech)
Tech-Use +20
Stealth +10
Operate (Surface)
Trade (Armourer) +20


Technical Knock
Mechadendrite Use (Utility)
Weapon Training (Las, Power, Pulse)
Quick Draw
Hatred (Divine Cohort of Ashura)
Enemy (Divine Cohort of Ashura)
Enemy (=][=)
Nerves of Steel
Blind Fighting
Ferric Summons
The Flesh is Weak (I’m fucking INVINCIBLE)
Iron Jaw


Mechanicus Implants
Independent Operations (Cohesion = 15m)
Distrustful of Authority (-20 for interacting with outside authorities)
Machine (3)

Standard Weapons:
Lathe-Lasrifle (Best Craftsmanship)
Range 100m
RoF S/2/-
1d10+6 E
Pen 2
Custom Grip (5 BS)
Custom Stock (
2 BS HA +4 BS FA)

Las Carbine (Good Craftsmanship)
Class Basic
Range 75m
RoF S/2/–
Dam 1d10+3 E
Pen 0
Clip 60
Rld Half
Special Reliable
Wt. 2.5kg
Availability Common
4/4 Clips

Frag Grenades
Class Thrown
Range SBx3
RoF S/-/-
Dam 2d10 X
Pen 0
Clip 1
Special Blast (3), Ogryn-Proof
Wt. 0.5 kg
Availability Common
2/2 Grenades

Blind Grenades
Class Thrown
Range SBx3
RoF S/-/-
Dam 2d10 E
Pen 0
Clip 1
Special Smoke (3)
Wt. 0.5 kg
Availability Scarce
2/2 Grenades

Stun Grenades
Class Thrown
Range SBx3
RoF S/-/-
Dam -
Pen 0
Clip 1
Special Blast (3), Concussive (2)
Wt. 0.5kg
Availability Common
2/2 Grenades

Standard Issue Combat Knife (Mono)
Class Melee/Thrown
Range 5m
Dam 1d5+4 R
Pen 2
Special -
Wt. 1 kg
Availability Plentiful

Omnissianic Axe
Damage 1d10+4+5 E
Pen 6
Power Field
Custom Grip (+5 WS)

Compact Las-Pistol
Damage 1d10+2 E
Pen 0
Mag 10

Standard Equipment:
Good Craftsmanship Guard Flak
1kg Demolition charge

Special Equipment:

Sacred unguents
Crimson Armor (NV, AP 6, Unnatural Strength, sealed)

20 frag missiles
20 krak missiles
5 mine missiles
Door-Kicker rifle
Sulfite rifle

Respirator Unit
Potentia Coil
Cranial Circuitry
Good-Quality MIU
Ferric Lure Implants
Weapon Interface MIU

Logistics Rating: 10


169210651846-AJTRNAFXBWUJ (Soren Chevrolet)

Experience Advances:
Logic – 100
Trade (Armourer) – 100
Toughness (Simple) – 250
Intelligence (Simple) – 100
Linguistics (Techna-Lingua) – 100
Prosanguine – 300
Tech-Use +20 – 300
The Flesh is Weak – 400
Weapon Skill – 250
Trade (Armourer +10) – 200
Trade (Armourer +20) – 300
Intimidate – 200
Security – 100
Sound Constitution – 200
Dodge – 300
Parry – 200
Strength (Simple) – 100
Weapon Skill (Simple) – 100
Strength (Intermediate) – 250
Weapon Skill (Intermediate) – 250
Armour-Monger – 200
Iron Jaw – 300
Weapon Skill (Advanced) – 500
Linguistics (High Gothic) – 100
Sound Constitution 2 – 200
Sound Constitution 3 – 200
Sound Constitution 4 – 200
Weapons Trainig (Pulse) – 450


Citizen Designation AATEFIHHG-523004852 was born on a Forge World. As a youth, he took his world’s Planetary Placement Exam alongside the other CItizens of his Birthing Vat. The Exam tested each citizen’s reasoning skills, ability to commune with simple machine spirits, and suppress their emotional responses. The results of the test would determine their positions in that society: as a servitor or an initiate to the Machine-God’s cult. He passed, and was given the Acolyte Designation GJEIAG-94856, which was the cause for a quiet moment of satisfaction before the start of his induction. At the start of his Initiation Rite, however, he noticed that GRAEIHLSK-634112542, one of his Vat-Mates, was absent. At the end of his rite, he asked Magos T-2 what happened to him. The Magos stated that he had failed the Probatio Pathologicus, and had been assigned as a Servitor, lest he tainted the Forge with his inability to transcend the flesh. In a lapse of judgement, GJEIAG-94856 stated that he believed GRAEIHLSK-634112542 was a brilliant individual, and would have been able to forget his desires as soon as he received his first augmentation. The Magos removed GJEIAG-94856 from his presence and had him castigated. He returned to his studies and did not question the Omnissiah’s perfection again.

Upon reaching adulthood, he was inducted as a full member of the Machine Cult’s priesthood. Acolyte Designation GJEIAG-94856, now Enginseer XMB-173, was to join the Imperial Guard as a Void Enginseer in some lowly merchant vessel. Although he was careful not to show it, XMB-173 was surprised at this turn of events. He had never worked on any space-faring vessels of any sort. His skills were those of a Combat Enginseer – the production of weaponry and explosives. Although he was not foolish enough to ask him directly, the Enginseer knew in his mind that the Magos had somehow cheated him and put him on a lower path, one he was ill-prepared for. All of the disillusionment of his childhood came flooding back to him as he left his homeworld and boarded the Julian Ides.

XMB-173’s life on the ship was frustrating and uneventful. Although the ships machines were more primitive than the vast manufactora of his homeworld, the tools given to him were subpar, and the machine spirits of the ship were capricious – they would randomly malfunction for no reason. XMB-173 bonded with ATV-682, a fellow Enginseer, while fixing these routine errors. They also discussed the nature of the Machine Spirit during these times. ATV-682 was of the conventional opinion that such spirits were ancient and irreplaceable, and therefore must be appeased and pandered to, even at the cost of human lives, which were cheap to replace. XMB-173 argued that sometimes, humans could be more valuable than machines – after all, how long did it take to train a Magos? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to replace a relatively small starship than someone with the ability to make a new one? About a year after they first met, ATV-682 died while attempting to fix a routine life support malfunction.

XMB-173 blamed the ship’s machine spirit. While his brothers mourned the passing of the other Enginseer, he snuck into the control room and punished the ship’s spirit, just as the Magos had punished him as an Acolyte. After the ship had been cowed into obedience, there were no more random malfunctions. The other techpriests on board attributed that to their own offerings, the fools. XMB-173 decided that machine spirits were meant to serve Mankind, by force if necessary.

Without the constant malfunctions, life on board became rather monotonous. XMB-173 found it harder to interact with his fellow Enginseers, for he needed to keep his opinions to himself. Instead, he began to sort of socialize with the various armsmen and unskilled maintenance workers that lived around the areas he worked. He found one armsman in particular, Soren Chevrolet, to be a good way to pass time by gambling and discussing firearms and explosives. The other tech priests viewed this relationship with suspicion, but never openly confronted him about it. After all, they were lowly void-born proles, and XMB-173 was from an illustrious Forge World.

However, a senior tech-priest eventually found evidence that someone had tampered with the ship’s machine spirit. Soren was accused, for he had access to the ship’s main cogitators through XMB-173. Soren Chevrolet was found guilty and turned into a servitor. Nevertheless, the ship’s behavior never reverted, and some enginseers began to wonder how an armsman would have been able to cause such lasting damage. Fearing for his life, and filled with hatred for his “brothers”, XMB-173 fled the ship at the next planet it reached, but not before taking Soren and leaving several well-placed explosives around the engines and Enginseer living quarters.

XMB-173 took on Soren’s name as his own (although he continued to refer to his servitor by his former name, which invariably leads to confusion at best and accusations of insanity at worst) and somehow melted into the planet’s underworld fairly quickly. His relatively humble position in the mechanicus meant that his augmentations were somewhat less-than-obvious, and an unscrupulous person with an affinity for arms and explosives is always in high demand among criminals. As he drifted towards farther Frontier Worlds, Soren eventually heard about the strife in Nova Spera. Always relishing a new opportunity for new tech and explosives, XMB-173 took the next ship he could to the planet, and offered his services to the Burning Trail.

XMB-173 hates the Mechanicus’ disregard for personal talent and potential, which he sees as nothing else but a way to keep old, virus-filled Magos in control for the sake of their own lust for power. He also believes that machine spirits are animals meant to be whipped into serving Man instead of more important and unknowable entities. Obviously, this means Mankind as a whole – he won’t sacrifice a starship for one man, saving the ship could serve billions more! Because of this, he believes that xenotech can potentially be put to use to serve Mankind., and that the Emperor is superior to the Omnissiah. He also suffers from pyromania, often proclaiming the Emperor’s greatness before setting off large explosives.

XMB-173 also wants to research xenotech in the hopes of using it to revert his friend’s lobotomized brain into something more intelligent or humanlike.

He values passion, drive, and brilliance in people, but also believes that some are inherently superior to others, and is quick to make such judgements. He is also prone to becoming attached to people he is close to.

XMB-173 (Soren)

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