Izem abn Anaruz

Medic, freedom-fighter, WOLVERINES, Commie-Mujihadeen


Name: Izem abn Anaruz
Personal Demeanor:
Specialty: Medic
Age: 30

Total XP: 7800
Starting XP: 1000
Party XP: 6100
Personal XP: 200
Spent: 7200
Remaining: 600

Weapon Skill (WS): 30 (Base 30)
Ballistic Skill (BS): 33 (Base 30, +3 Regiment)
Strength (S): 24 (Base 30, -6 Wasted Frame)
Toughness (T): 30 (Base 30)
Agility (Ag): 33 (Base 30, +3 Regiment, )
Intelligence (Int): 72 (Base 40, +2 Regiment, +5 Simple, +5 Intermediate, +5 Character Advance Bonus, +5 Character Advance Bonus +5, +5 Trained, +5 Expert)
Perception (Per): 43 (Base 30, +3 Regiment, +5 Simple, +5 Intermediate)
Willpower (WP): 30 (Base 30)
Fellowship (Fel): 27 (Base 30, -3 Regiment)

Logistics Rating: 40

Head AP: 7
Body AP: 7
Arms AP: 7
Legs AP: 7

Wounds: 10/12
Fate Points: 2/2
Corruption Points: 15
Insanity Points: 12
Disorders: None
Malignancies: None
Movement: 3/6/9/18
Initiative Bonus: 3
Strength Bonus: 3
Toughness Bonus: 3
Carrying Capacity (6):Carry 36kg, Lift 72kg, Push 144kg

Ballistic Skill

Linguistics (Low Gothic, Bazir, Qom)
Medicae +30
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry)
Stealth +10
Trade (Chymist)
Trade (Cook) +30

Ambush (96 HoE)
Blind Fighting (141)
Bulging Biceps (SP) (141)
Combat Sense (142)
Don’t you die on me! (98 HoE)
Enemy (Divine Cohort of Ashura, Inquisition) (143)
Excellent Cook (98 HoE)
Foresight (144)
Hatred (Divine Cohort of Ashura) (145)
Iron Jaw (SP) (146)
Jaded (146)
Master Chirurgeon (148)
Methodical Care (100 HoE)
Nerves of Steel (149)
Paranoia (149)
Quick Draw (150)
Swift Suture (104 HoE)
Weapon Training (Las, Low-Tech, Solid Projectile) (153)

Cybernetic Arm: Narthecium
Skeletal Petrification: Iron Jaw, Bulging Biceps, +2 damage with unarmed attacks.

Standard Weapons:
Las Carbine (Good Craftsmanship)
Class Basic
Range 75m
RoF S/2/–
Dam 1d10+3 E
Pen 0
Clip 52/60
Rld Half
Special Reliable (Custom Grip +5 BS or WS, -5 if someone else uses, Modified Stock if aim +2 on Half, +4 on Full, Quick Release Halves reload time)
Wt. 2.5kg
Availability Common
4/4 Clips

Boog Ranger Pistol
Class Basic
Range 45m
RoF S/–/–
Dam 1d10+4 I
Pen 2
Clip 3/5
Reload 2 Full
Special Accurate (Red-Dot Laser Sight, +10 to BS on single shot)
Wt. 6kg;
Availability -
+2 damage when fired after using an aim action, Must be wielded in two hands.
37 Rounds

Frag Grenades
Class Thrown
Range SBx3
RoF S/-/-
Dam 2d10 X
Pen 0
Clip 1
Special Blast (3), Ogryn-Proof
Wt. 0.5 kg
Availability Common
2/2 Grenades

Blind Grenades
Class Thrown
Range SBx3
RoF S/-/-
Dam 2d10 E
Pen 0
Clip 1
Special Smoke (3)
Wt. 0.5 kg
Availability Scarce
2/2 Grenades

Stun Grenades
Class Thrown
Range SBx3
RoF S/-/-
Dam -
Pen 0
Clip 1
Special Blast (3), Concussive (2)
Wt. 0.5kg
Availability Common
2/2 Grenades

Standard Issue Combat Knife (Mono)
Class Melee/Thrown
Range 5m
Dam 1d5 R
Pen 2
Special -
Wt. 1 kg
Availability Plentiful

Standard Equipment:
Good Craftsmanship Guard Flak
Best Craftsmanship Stormtrooper Carapace
1kg Demolition charge

Special Equipment:
+20 to Medicae or Perception Tests to determine an ailment.

Holds one dose of drug, takes a Half-Action to administer.

+20 to Medicae skill when used.

Narthecium (Mounted inside cybernetic arm)
A sophisticated wrist-mounted medi-pack, a narthecium
includes three auto-injectors and a powerful, diamantinetipped saw for cutting through armour to provide emergency
treatment to a wounded Guardsman. Consequently, narthecium
are typically reserved for very well-supplied regiments, or
medics attendant to an officer and his command squad. As
well as providing all the benefits of a Good-Craftsmanship
medi-pack, the user of a narthecium may administer a dose of
a drug from one of the auto-injectors as a Free Action, when
done in conjunction with a Medicae Test. Each auto-injector
can be used to store a different type of drug.
Though not authorised for such use, a narthecium may be
used in melee with the profile of a chain knife (see page 116
with the Unwieldy Quality.

Kahina bint Shaban: Mentor/Numb. A 28 year old al-Isman woman of the Aaftaab tribe, her husband martyred himself fighting in the Rawa. Her father forbid her from taking up arms and avenging him on the account of her two young sons but she disguised herself as a man and tried to fight anyway. After being discovered, acid was splashed on half of her face (a common Aaftaab punishment for deceitfulness) and she was cast out with her sons. Traumatized and lost, she joined up with the Blazing Trail to avenge her husband and forget her past. She is dedicated to the God-Emperor and her sons above all else.
(Medicae Auxilia 250xp)
(Veteran Comrade)

Experience Advances:
Medicae Auxilia (250xp)
Intelligence – SImple (100xp)
Intelligence – Intermediate (250xp)
Medicae +10 (200xp)
Dodge (200xp)
Weapon Training (Solid Projectile) (300xp)
Awareness (100xp)
Master Chirurgeon (400xp)
Medicae +20 (300 xp)
Perception – Simple (100xp)
Dodge +10 (400xp)
Trade (Chymist) (100xp)
Perception – Intermediate (250xp)
Swift Suture (300xp)
Methodical Care (300xp)
Trade (Cook) (100xp)
Trade (Cook) +10 (200xp)
Excellent Cook (200xp)
Linguistics (Qom) (100xp)
Logic (100xp)
Trade (Cook) +20 (300xp)
Trade (Cook) +30 (400xp)
Don’t you die on me! (400xp)
Medicae +30 (400xp)
Intelligence – Trained (500xp)
Intelligence – Expert (750xp)
Combat Sesne (200xp)


Izem was born to a family of middle-class entrepreneurs, who lived rather happily considering the turbulent times he was born into. Much of Izem’s early childhood was filled with isolation, his only friends the live-in tutor and doctor who occasionally visited to check up on his family. Rarely would he meet or socialize with other children his age, only ever getting the chance to at grand dinners or balls hosted by other well-off families.

This however didn’t last very long. What was once a life of peace intertwined with boredom, was changed violently. What was not told to the young Izem until he was much older, was that his father had been secretly bankrolling insurgent forces, mainly those of the Blazing Trail. When this was found out, retribution was swift and ruthless. A rival family, one who had strong connections to Imperial authority, was given the task of destroying Izem’s family and cleaning up any subsequent mess.
Had it not been for Izem exploring his home and it’s surroundings in his boredom, he would not have known the convenient hiding spot that kept him from the grasp of the attackers. He was then saved by the family’s doctor, ignorant of the attack, who had arrived hours later for his weekly check-up of the family. The man found young Izem, dirty, bloodied and in shock. The doctor then whisked Izem away and joined the Blazing Trail, so as to not meet the same fate as Izem’s family.

The doctor took the young man under his wing, and raised him as his own son, though Izem did not take too well to him at first. Over time he regarded the man as as close to having a father as one could get, given his short time with his actual parents. This also lead into the young man taking up an interest in medicine and healing, someone that the Blazing Trail could always use more of.

Once reaching adult age he was inducted into the Blazing trail’s main clinic, for his natural healing skills as taught to him by his surrogate father, who also worked there. It was here where Izem met Kahina, though for her burned-face, a beautiful widower of two who enraptured Izem at first sight. For weeks he wasn’t sure why he became so obsessed with her, but in time came to realize with the help of his adoptive father that he saw some of his mother in her. He was content to let that be the end of it in-front of the doctor, but to himself he knew his love for her was much deeper, much more personal.

Izem abn Anaruz

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