The Liberation of Nova Spera
Date: 001 998.M41
Location: Utopius System, Stars of Crispin ((Subsector)), Ramad ((Sector)), Segmentum Ultima
CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE: Liberate Imperial world Nova Spera from Tau Occupiers; Cleanse, Purge, Kill

A year ago, to the day, Aun’va declared to the entirety of the burgeoning Tau empire that they must once again take up arms and expand Tau borders in the name of the “Greater Good”. Almost at once, the entirety of their small empire began swift and potent invasions on neighboring worlds, efficiently destroying any resistance they met before indoctrinating the surviving civilians in the ways of their deviant philosophy. It wasn’t until multi-cadre assault of Nova Spera did the tau assault give pause. Despite being aided by a traitor government headed by the Frontier Conglomerate profiting off the continued industrialization of the planet, the Tau’s offensive could not crush the guerilla forces in the arid mountains of the northeastern hemisphere. These forces, composing mostly of the zealous al-Ismah people, successfully held off the Tau utilizing limited Imperial supplies and support. But as the dawn of the new year crested, the floundering Tau opposition became reinvigorated as the fiery Shas’o Vior’La Shi Kai’ren (Imperial Designate: Commander Falling Rain) took control of Cadres and implemented the anti-insurgent skills he earned through years of hard fighting in the Dalaskan Worlds. Imperial forces, flat footed and confused, have been pushed back into their strongholds. A blood meridian now rises across all of Nova Spera, the promise of even greater bloodshed looming ever closer…

Guardsman: 6800 xp
Specialist: 6500 xp



NOTE: The ascribed character of these peoples are rooted in stereotype; naturally, there is variation amongst individuals of all ethnic backgrounds.

1. Al-Ismah- The Al-Ismans are a brutal and atavistic people, living in the mountain ranges girding northern and southern Ghadeer. They claim to be descendants of those who followed Shaban al-Ismah away from the cities of the weakling Ashura, kin to Mahmud ibn Jafar, Zuhoor, and the other great heroes of Ghadeer. They live in large tribes of raiders and warriors, storming into the lowlands to steal whatever they cannot make themselves. Their worship of the God-Emperor is steeped in bloodshed and war, their entire society devoted to militarism and discipline. Al-Ismans are typically belligerent, disciplined, cold, and warlike. Each Al-Ismah hails from one of the many tribes, each with their own strange traditions and customs. Traditional tribes include the Aaaftab, Waajidah, and Jafarite; there are also so called “Bandit Tribes” that are mercenary in nature and tend to commit dishonorable crimes such as burglary and grand theft. These tribes include the al-Babaar and the Fawza. Al-Ismah who claim no tribal allegiance are usually either exiles or criminals, and should not be trusted. Al-Ismans tend to be swarthy and large, favoring big beards and long hair. Traditional tribes, being warrior aesthetes, disdain flamboyant dress and accessories; bandit tribes favor practical apparel with the occasional personal touch.

2. Mahdite- Cosmopolitan, obdurate, and thoroughly traditional, the Mahdites have maintained the traditions of Ashura for millennia. Their society worships community and family above all else, honoring caregivers, mothers, and those who labor for the good of all. Their stubbornness is legendary, and during the wars of the Annulment their regiments were known to die to the man rather than surrender. They are also famous for their merchant tradition and shuck the traditional xenophobia of Ghadeeran society in favor of trade and solidarity. This has made them natural recruits for both the Tau and the Blazing Trail. Their culture is steeped in ritual; everything from business transactions to casual greetings are one part formality and two parts religious rite. The Mahdites are usually a pale brown, tending towards narrower, more “Imperial” features. Many sport tattoos of religious script, arrayed in neat lines across their flesh; many of the women wear facial piercings, aping the supposed appearance of their mother-saint.

3. Bazir- The Bazir are the people who have call the great Ghoba deserts home. Their earliest legends claim they are descended from those who crossed the Burning Sea to escape the violence of the Annulment, a motley group of Mahdites and Al-Ismans enamored with the old empire and disdainful of violence. For millennia they lived as simple nomads, contemplating the secrets of the God-Emperor’s word and worshipping both Shaban and Ashura in ancient rites underneath the starry sky of the Ghoba night. When the Imperium began resettlement in 951.M41, their rustic lifestyle was forever destroyed; vast stores of fossil fuels, minerals, and other materials used in the manufacturing of Promethium and heavy machinery was discovered just underneath the sands of their home. Many nomadic tribes resisted the ensuing flood of mercantile interests but the most forward thinking of the tribal elders embraced the change, and wasted no time building Promethium refineries and modest manufactorums with Arkwright aid. These refineries started as small outposts but exploded into major cities as opportunity attracted more and more settlers and claim hunters. And thus, the Promethium Kingdoms were born; City-States ruled by the children of the original claimants of the land, places of relative peace and stability in an extremely hostile universe. The Bazir of today are an eclectic group of people, a mixture of Al-Isman discipline, Mahdite cosmopolitan sentiment, and Arkwright canniness. They tend to be the most “refined” of the native Ghadeeran people, edging out their Mahdite brethren who, despite their city dwelling ways, can hardly be described as civil. Years of Al-Isman, Mahdite, and Boog intermarrying have turned the Bazir into a people of vaguely imperial features and tan brown skin. Traditional Bazir dress for both men and women is the Thaw’bae, a long robe meant to bleed heat from the body, but in the age of the Promethium Kingdoms this simple piece of clothing has been augmented with Imperial Gothic fashion.

4. Arkwright- The Arkwrighters are settlers, taken from the distance planets of the Ramadian core worlds and transported to Nova Spera for the greater glory of the wider Imperium. Their roots anchor them to a hive world mentality, where every day is a battle for mere survival against the vast crush of humanity that presses against them. They are callous, silver tongued, and deceptive; there is nothing an Arkwrighter wouldn’t do to get a leg up on his competition. Arkwrighter life is a mirror of their former circumstances: endless toil, draconian discipline, and savage violence. Even before the coming of the Tau, their society was organized as a caste system, with each Arkwrighter belonging to a “guild” that defined their life and their labor. Those without guilds are outcasts of the worst sort, gangers and madmen relegated to the outer edges of society. Your typical Arkwrighter lives in one of the two proto-hives: Bellway in the north or Terraberg in the south. They are of thoroughly imperial stock, white skinned and of middling height. Their clothes signify guild and rank; high ranked Governance Guilders are clad in the finest furs and jewelry one can find on a frontier backwater. Low rank Assembly Guilders of Lathe-tenders are lucky if they have a boiler suit and ratty rubber boots. Both hives have pledged allegiance to the Tau Empire, and their steamplate clad soldiers march across Nova Spera bringing the rest of the world to heel. Those still loyal to the Imperium (or have a grudge against their fellow hivers) have fled to places like Ghadeer in order to fight back against the occupation.

5. Boog- The Boog are scum; worse than scum, really. Widely considered backwards, unintelligent, and lazy, the Boog scrape by in the Ghoba Deserts working for the Promethium Kingdoms. They are the sons and daughters of the Arkwrighters who flocked to the region after vast stores of natural wealth were discovered just underneath the sands, only to have their hopes dashed by the Bazir people who laid claim to greatest claims first. Defeated, these claim jumpers settled down and endeavored to survive in their new home. And survive they did; what they could not scavenge, they stole, and swiftly garnered a reputation as human vermin. Many of their communities serve the Promethium Kingdoms in some way or another, patrolling its borders or aiding in harvesting its resources. They are hardy and whimsical folk,resilient in their simplicity, enduring even the worst of tragedies with a smile and a laugh. They have a famous love affair with revelry and strong drink; their name, the Boog, is taken from their drink of choice, a rank liquid distilled from whatever they can get their dirt-caked hands on. Boog are of Imperial stock, but made tan from harsh desert life. Their tatterdemalion dress is a mixture of scraps and cast offs that often do an exceedingly poor job at keeping them cool and protected, leading many to favor topplessness. Their communities are backwards and inbred, but share a strong sense of family and unity; mass violence among the Boog is unheard of.

6. Ra’iib (Outsider)- With the coming of the Imperium, all sorts of folk have found their way to Nova Spera. Called Ra’iib by Ghadeerans, these folk from the wider galaxy are each unique unto themselves. They can all expect hostility from natives, however, a product of the bitterness created by recent circumstances. Those Ra’iib who are loyal Imperial citizens often join one of the resistance movements out of dedication or necessity.


The weakest of the anti-Tau insurgencies, the Blazing Trail has still managed to be a significant thorn in the side of the Tau invaders. Unlike all the other movements, this one predates the Tau invasion by several decades, having been formed during the earliest days of Imperial resettlement. Its mission in those days was to push back the tyranny of dogma imposed by the Ecclesiarchy, calling on all the people of Ghadeer to fight back against the force that would see their traditions and freedom of belief destroyed. Their strength was their solidarity, and anyone of any ethnic persuasion was permitted to join and practice whatever belief system that pleased them. The popular support they enjoyed, however, did not save them from being thoroughly mauled by Frateris Militia and have languished in obscurity for years until the Tau invasion brought them out of hiding.
The coming of the Tau is a great opportunity for the Blazing Trail to proselytize. Their leader, a Bazir woman named Arwa the Pearl, has wasted no time sending out her troops to save people not only from the Tau, but from the savage Rawa-Kadan raiders and merciless Divine Cohort cells as well. In every village they liberate, they spread their message of peace and preach a world free of the evil of the Adeptus Terra and the heavy handed industrialization that often lives in its wake. The Blazing Trail hope that driving back the Tau will convince the Imperium to let their people live as they have for millennia, thus driving off the outside influence of the various mercantile interests interested in exploiting them. Whether or not this will occur remains to be seen, but with fighters hardened by decades of shadow warfare at its command the Blazing Trail’s vision may become a reality.
Being weak, obscure, and decidedly anti-establishment, the Blazing Trail has enjoyed only limited support from the Speran cabal. To combat this, the Blazing Trail has taken to appropriating materiel from its rivals, including the tau. The blue skinned xenos never fail in being shocked when their own advanced pulse weapons are turned against them, and rumor has that pulse rifles are just the tip of the iceberg. This is only possible because of the extreme open mindedness that makes up such a substantial part of the Blazing Trail’s creed of tribal solidarity. This open mindedness and romantic obsession with regression is not without its flaws, however; their eagerness to recruit anybody has no doubt allowed many undesirables into the fold. Atheists, Fervent champions of a Peasant’s society, and perhaps even twisted worshippers of dark powers fill the ranks, biding their time so that when the day comes they can push their own particular vision for Nova Spera to the fore…
Signature Weapon: Looted Pulse Rifle


Liberation of Nova Spera

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